Scientific Consultancy Based in Perth, Western Australia

Marine mammal observer (MMO), marine fauna observer (MFO), and passive acoustic monitoring operator (PAM) services

Scientific Consultancy Based in Perth, Western Australia

Marine mammal observer (MMO), marine fauna observer (MFO), and passive acoustic monitoring operator (PAM) services

About Econumerics

Econumerics is a scientific consultancy based in Perth, Western Australia, that provides analytical services and technical advice to a wide range of sectors. Our global partners include private, industrial, governmental and academic clients, interested in a variety of activities including research, asset management, risk assessment, quality control, industrial production, or biodiversity audits.

We specialize in the -acquisition and -analysis of biomolecular and environmental data, with a focus on bioinformatics, phylogenetics, forensics, statistics, renewable energy, and climate change policy.

With over twenty years of experience in academic teaching and research, we also offer training and support for laboratory- and field-work, and can assist in planning and executing quantitative and qualitative research.

Econumerics vision is rooted in our strong ties with the academic world and interest in research. We believe in innovation, and the potential for novel technologies to deliver improved solutions and lead policy-changes.

Even at the expense of short-term financial goals, our mission is to establish long-term and constructive partnerships with our clients, with a focus on mutual growth, success, and process-driven learning.


Econumerics services include: laboratory-based analyses, seismic surveys fauna monitoring, technical training and tutoring, scientific consultancy, and data analysis. Our projects extend across a broad range of disciplines, from the natural- or engineered- environment, to the life sciences.


Econumerics primary expertise is in the use of high-throughput Next Generation DNA Sequencing (NGS)-based approaches, for investigating…


With the steady reduction in costs and the introduction of high performance bench top DNA sequencers, data generation is…


Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are frameworks for capturing, storing, sharing, visualising, querying, and analysing spatial data….


At Econumerics, we can provide support and staff training throughout the whole process, from experimental design, to sample collection…


Econumerics staff is fully accredited to carry out marine fauna observations, during seismic surveys and other field operations…

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New paper out!

Congratulations to our former PhD student Dr Daniel Squire & my colleagues @MurdochUni, for this insightful new #paper just accepted in Infection, genetics and Evolution 👏 This is a unique perspective into the #epidemiology of #Trichomonas vaginalis isolates from #Australia & #Ghana patients, which combined […]

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Geographic Information System and Python for GIS workshop – Thank you!

A big thank you to all participants, trainers and helpers of our “Ecological data analysis with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Python for GIS” workshop, held in February 2020. At Econumerics, we certainly enjoyed organizing every aspect of this course, and feel honoured by the [...]

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Introduction to Ecological Data Analysis with Python and GIS | 10-11 Feb 2020, The UWA

Register here: ( Why GIS and Python Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are frameworks for capturing, storing, sharing, visualising, querying, and analysing data. GIS harness the power of statistics, remote sensing, informatics, and programming, to examine and visualise spatial relationships within and between objects and events. [...]

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Koondoola Reserve: bushfire management scenario plan

Koondoola Regional Bushland (KRB) is a 137-hectare remnant bushland site of the Swan Coastal Plain in Western Australia, particularly important for social, ecological economic and cultural reasons. KRB is roughly quadrangular with maximum extensions N-S and W-E of ≈1.7 Km and 1.2 Km, respectively. The [...]

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Lake Seppings Ibis population

On a recent field trip to Albany, WA, we used aerial imagery from DJI drones and GIS-based analyses to survey habitat, abundance and distribution of two ibis species in beautiful Lake Seppings. The numbers of Australian White Ibis and Straw-necked Ibis at the lake have [...]

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Bald Head Trail Monitoring

Bald Head walk trail in Albany, Western Australia (WA) (-35.098763, 117.967622) is a challenging linear 13-kilometer return track, located in the Torndirrup National Park. The trail crosses the Flinders Peninsula from East to West, and, with spectacular views of the Southern Ocean and King George [...]

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Sales professionals wanted

We are currently looking for enthusiast sales professionals with proven experience in the agriculture (essential), biomolecular and agribiotech sectors. A sales manager with experience in Australia is urgently needed. Send us your CV and get in touch with us to know more!

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Geographic Information Systems

We are excited to announce that Econumerics is gradually introducing a range of Geographic Information Systems (GIS)/cartographic consultancy services, in collaboration with academics from The University of Western Australia and qualified affiliated GIS analysts. GIS are increasingly used for examining objects and events in space [...]

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Paper on wastewater biofilm and sludge production

Congratulations to our former PhD student Dr Md Iqbal Hossain who last year published a very interesting paper on the composition of the biofilm in wastewater, and its effect on the temporal dynamics of sludge formation and accumulation. Citation: Hossain MI, Paparini A, Cord-Ruwisch R. [...]

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Ashfield Flats 2019 Fieldwork

Great day for some fieldwork at beautiful Ashfield Flats, WA! The Ashfield Flats Reserve is as an important social, economic and ecological asset for the City of Perth, its community, and the broader Swan River estuarine ecosystem. We studied pollutant levels in soil, sediment and [...]

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Congrats 2 former student Dr Squire & my colleagues @MurdochUni for this insightful new #paper 👏 A unique perspective into the #epidemiology of #Trichomonas vaginalis isolates from #Australia & #Ghana 🧪🔬 #microbiome #DNA #Bioinformatics

Novel phylogenetic reconstructions provide confirmations about the possible involvement of bats and pangolins as reservoirs/hosts of strains related to SARS-Cov-2

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