The workshop.

The application of multivariate statistical analyses is a consistent feature in microbial ecology and Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)-based microbiome research. Although rapid progresses have been made in software for computational analysis, there is still a high risk of obtaining wrong statistical results, misinterpreting the output, or overlooking the potential and limitations of the adopted method.

During this 2-day workshop, you will gain knowledge on using R and RStudio for data analysis. The first day will introduce you to the R and RStudio environment and highlight the use of Rmarkdown for reproducible research. Basic data visualisation will be illustrated using the ggplots package. The second day will focus more on multivariate methods used to analyse ecological data. An overview of the statistical methods will be presented, followed by interactive sessions where you will analyse example data sets, or your own data. How to interpret the results obtained will be discussed and you will also gain insight into research design.

Target Audience.

The workshop program suits beginners/intermediate R users, and professionals from the private, industrial, governmental and academic sectors.
These include microbial ecologists; botanists and agronomists; microbiome researchers; bioinformaticians; NGS-data analysts; wildlife & conservation scientists.

Why you should attend.

MEcoStat is a workshop aimed at scientists interested in learning R-based statistical analyses.
Nowadays, virtually every sector is experiencing a phenomenal growth in the wealth of data collected. As this information is gathered at an unprecedented speed and scale, its interpretation and manipulation become fundamental to unearth data -value and -meaning, and gain insights. This workshop is important because the application of multivariate statistics, using R, is a consistent feature in virtually any technical discipline. Learning these techniques will empower the participants with fundamental skills applicable in a broad range of contexts.

About the trainer.

Associate Professor Nicola Armstrong (Murdoch University) is a biostatistician particularly interested in the application of advanced statistics to genomics.

Nicola received her PhD from the Department of Statistics at UC Berkeley. After graduating, she moved to the Netherlands where she spent time as a post doc at Eurandom and the Vrije Universiteit before moving to the Netherlands Cancer Institute in Amsterdam as a senior statistician. On returning to Australia in 2009, she spent time at the Garvan Institute and the School of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Sydney before moving to Murdoch in 2015.

Topics covered.

  • Introducing R and RStudio, Rmarkdown, ggplots
  • Statistics: regression, hypothesis tests and experimental design
  • Multidimensional scaling (PCA, MDS)
  • Clustering and imputation

When and where?

The University of Western Australia
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Thursday 14 Feb – Friday 15 Feb 2019


Full workshop registration: $650 AUD for two days, including lunch, morning & afternoon tea
Student workshop registration: $500 AUD
*For one day workshop registrations please inquire