Critical issues in evacuation planning (commentary)

08 April 2021

Emergencies are unforeseen combinations of circumstances (or their result), that call for immediate action. Particularly critical events may require egress or escape of people, away from an area containing imminent or ongoing threats, or hazards to lives and properties. To protect people‚Äôs lives and wellbeing, […]

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GIS data sourcing, comparison, and preparation for environmental modelling and assessment: a comparative analysis

05 February 2021

For geographic information system (GIS)-based environmental modelling and assessment, proper selection, collection, and pre-processing of primary or secondary data is paramount. To this end, several preliminary requirements have been identified (Reed, Brown et al. 2002), such as the need for the data to be complete, […]

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Challenges and approaches to marine conservation and fisheries management (commentary)

04 February 2021

Reconciling marine conservation and fisheries management presents many challenges. This short commentary discusses a selection of key concepts, by framing them into a unifying context. Starting from the managerial challenges, we consider the goal of executive decisions, and the tools needed to implement them, and monitor […]

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Ecological effects of lithium on aquatic biodiversity (review)

01 February 2021

Billions of electronic devices utilized daily worldwide depend on the energy supplied by high-performing lithium-ion batteries. As Li use grows rapidly and steadily, the risk of pollution, of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, is also likely to spread. To this end, understanding the broader effects on […]

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Busselton Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre fieldtrip

07 January 2021

The western ringtail possum (Pseudocheirus occidentalis) is a critically endangered small/medium sized arboreal marsupial, with a shrinking distribution in the wild, currently restricted to eucalypt forests in the south-western corner of Western Australia. Decline in abundance and range of this species can be attributed to […]

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Ecosystem resilience and contemporary environmental management (commentary)

06 January 2021

Historically, the conceptual framework used to study ecosystems relies on how ecosystem dynamics are unidirectionally affected by human activities on one side, and biogeophysical drivers on the other. This allegedly outdated approach ignores more complex interplays and feedbacks, and has been gradually replaced by a […]

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Albany fieldwork

04 January 2021

Bald Head walk trail in Albany, Western Australia (WA) (-35.098763, 117.967622) is a challenging linear 13-kilometer return track, located in the Torndirrup National Park. The trail crosses the Flinders Peninsula from East to West, and, with spectacular views of the Southern Ocean and King George Sound, […]

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New Paper Out! Probiotics treatment in ICU patients: the ROCIT study

07 December 2020

We recently completed Stage One, of a multicentre study based on a large collaborative effort, aimed at understanding the safety and efficacy of probiotic therapy, on days alive and out of hospital, in adult intensive care unit (ICU) patients. The Restoration Of gut microflora in […]

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