Paper on wastewater biofilm and sludge production

20 June 2019

Congratulations to our former PhD student Dr Md Iqbal Hossain who last year published a very interesting paper on the composition of the biofilm in wastewater, and its effect on the temporal dynamics of sludge formation and accumulation. Citation: Hossain MI, Paparini A, Cord-Ruwisch R. [...]
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Ashfield Flats 2019 Fieldwork

Great day for some fieldwork at beautiful Ashfield Flats, WA! The Ashfield Flats Reserve is as an important social, economic and ecological asset for the City of Perth, its community, and the broader Swan River estuarine ecosystem. We studied pollutant levels in soil, sediment and [...]
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New Paper Out: Identification of eukaryotic microorganisms with 18S rRNA next-generation sequencing in wastewater treatment plants

This study demonstrated the importance of assessing and comparingĀ multiple molecular approaches for pathogen detection in wastewater analysis. Social: URL:
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New Paper Out: Evaluation of 16S next-generation sequencing of hypervariable region 4 in wastewater samples

This molecular study of wastewater samples highlights the importance of validating taxonomy of NGS sequences with databases such as NCBI nr/nt, and recommends including the V3 region of 16S in future short amplicon NGS studies that aim to identify bacterial enteric pathogens in similar matrices. […]

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New Paper Out: Babesia microti transmission in Australia

After our discovery of the first human fatal case of babesiosis in Australia in 2012, with this comprehensive study we found no evidence for widespread B. microti transmission. Citation: Faddy HM, Rooks KM, Irwin PJ, Viennet E, Paparini A, Seed CR, et al. No evidence […]

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New Paper Out: Establishment of coral-bacteria symbioses reveal changes in the core bacterial community with host ontogeny

We’re so happy to see Rachele’s new paper accepted for publication in Frontiers in Microbiology. This is a great study performed under the supervision of Dr. Megan Huggett, following the dynamics of the microbiome in the ubiquitous coral species Acropora digitifera. The symbiotic microbial community […]

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New Projects and Opportunities

27 May 2019

We have a number of projects starting in the next few months, and are currently looking for junior- to mid-career- level research scientists. Depending on the project, there are also internship and training opportunitiesĀ for post-grad students (Environmental Science, Data Science, Molecular Science). Please send us […]

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PhD student wanted

18 February 2019

We are currently looking for a PhD student, for a new study focusing on water, gut metagenomes and human health. If you're interested in molecular microbiology, bioinformatics, genomics, and public health, please contact us for further information.
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