Econumerics offers a range of Remote Sensing- and Geographic Information Systems (GIS)- based consultancy services.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are frameworks for capturing, storing, sharing, visualising, querying, and analysing data. By harnessing the power of spatial statistics, remote sensing, informatics and programming, GIS are used to examine and visualise spatial relationships within and between objects and events. GIS enormous potential is now being widely recognized in many scientific disciplines and job sectors, including private, industrial, governmental and academic.

Nowadays, virtually every sector is experiencing a phenomenal growth in the wealth of data collected. As this information is gathered at an unprecedented speed and scale, we must learn new ways to manipulate, explore and query those data. The widespread programming language Python is incorporated into many GIS applications, and allows doing this in an easy, streamlined, and reproducible way.

GIS and Python for GIS can be applied to a variety of  fields including geography, ecology, animal and plant biology, microbiome, molecular biology, parasitology, public health, urban planning, wildlife conservation, microbial ecology, bushfire and emergency management. To discuss your project-specific needs and learn what GIS can do, please contact us.

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