At Econumerics, we can provide support and staff training throughout the whole process, from experimental design, to sample collection, data- analysis, -deconvolution, -visualization, -interpretation, and formal reporting. We can assist in the preparation and critical reviewing of scientific documents, such as presentations, theses, peer-reviewed papers, technical reports, literature reviews etc. With over twenty years of experience in academic teaching and research we also offer support for laboratory- and field- work, and assistance in laying the groundwork for initiating and executing quantitative and qualitative research.

On a regular basis, Econumerics holds professional development workshops on various subjects, like molecular biology, bioinformatics, predictive analytics, genomics, statistics etc.  Our highly qualified trainers deliver training to a range of audiences, and at any level. Participants receive complimentary learning material and certificate of completion. We cater small groups, or single students and, depending on the specific requirements, are available for in-person or online classes. Students’ tutoring is also offered.

To discuss your specific training requirements, please contact us. To see which events are available at the moment, check out our News & Events  page.

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